The Final Arena on hold

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The Final Arena on hold

Post  LukeSythe on Mon Apr 04, 2011 11:09 pm

I've decided to put The Final Arena on hold(trust me, it isn't dead though), and do a Metroid Prime 1/2/3 Quake 4 mod. Seriously, the Halo:CE mod looks astonishing, but there's no Morph Ball(!) and Quake is probably a more-played series(though I've heard it's dying). Also, Q4's AI needs to be improved upon, and Metroid Prime really needs multiplayer. What we need:

Sound Rippers(rip from Metroid Prime, Echoes and Corruption. I've got the Power, Plasma and Ice beams from MP1)
Mappers(QuakeEdit is clumsy for me, and GTKRadiant is missing textures/BSP builds/entities so I can't use it)
Modelers(Trust me, I would do it, but I'm better with pencil and paper, thank you)
Programmers(Quake 4's programming seems pretty dang simple, but I've only got minor programming experience. Also, I could probably make Sound Shaders, but those weird number patterns are something I cannot understand)
Texture Rippers(can the Metroid Prime games' textures even be ripped and converted to .TGA?)
If there's anything else we may need, let me know.

If we Quake & Metroid Prime fans work together, we could make something that looks really freaking incredible. Spread this around. Also, even though this is just a fan project, we may need to contact Nintendo if we recreate the campaigns.

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