Final Arena Parental Controls?

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Final Arena Parental Controls?

Post  LukeSythe on Tue Mar 29, 2011 5:30 pm

Here are some of the parental controls I've thought up for TFA.

From GameInformer #200(congratulations):
"Imagine having someone over for dinner with your family. He's a lot of fun, but he has a potty mouth and poor impulse control. The conversation is flowing nicely until your companion unexpectedly starts telling sexually graphic stories and jamming gory photos in front of your kids. As a parent, you'd probably kick the guest out immediately or at least make sure they don't come over again until your kids are safely tucked in bed.

TV, movies and games are a lot like that guest. They can be great company until they blast out content that your family doesn't like. For some parents raised on horror movies, depictions of violence aren't that big of a deal once their children are older, and it can actually be used to start conversations about what is and isn't real, consequences of violence, and more. Those same parents might get annoyed by frequent profanity, though. It's certainly an option to bar media entirely, but wouldn't it be great if you had tools with a bit more finesse at your disposal?"

Are you a parent? Is your son/daughter a big Quake fan? Do you want to protect your child from questional aspects of the full version of Final Arena? Worry not, parental controls are at your disposal, and your kid cannot disable these options with the ingame console. Download the "Parent's ArmorLock" program, and a ton of options are availible to you to squelch the $@&*+!

Profanity filter replaces the campaign swears with more childish/old man ones like "Poopy! Darn! Dag-Nabbit! Fishpaste!", and the same goes for the bot's chats.
"Naughty" filter can make the bot's ingame chats less mean, or remove the mean ones altogether. The console command /bot_allowchats can disable bot chats completely.
Blood replacement/removal has quite a few options. Blood can be replaced for sweat, sparks, rainbows and root-beer. Gibs can be replaced for candy and flowers, coins or rings(don't enable the coins replacement if your child likes the Grab the Coins mode). For the monster blood, the sparks/rainbows can have slightly different color variations. This also removes the blood/gore on the player models.
Reference removal can remove satanic and nazi imagery and those piles of skulls/corpses. Don't worry about porn-there will be none in the uncensored maps anyway.

Using these options can ensure a safe and friendly fragging session for your family.

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