LukeSythe is the admin now, got some projects

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LukeSythe is the admin now, got some projects

Post  LukeSythe on Thu Dec 16, 2010 8:41 am

Torment left for rf, but left this place in my hands. I'm going to try as best as I can to keep this all together. Man, I thought since I was gone for so long, this place tore itself apart. Thankfully, that evidently didn't happen.

You know how some people make a mod and release it under their clan's name? I want to do that with both Quake 3 and IV. I'm restarting my old 'The Final Arena' project. Inspired by Generations Arena by Wirehead Studios, the plot of this mod is have playable classes out of great FPSs like Quake, Doom, Wolfenstein, Halo and Metroid Prime. I don't think Halo is gay, thank u very maunch.

Right now, I'm writing and drawing concepts/icons for all the weapons, equiptment, etc. Quake 3's version will of course be dedicated to multiplayer. The Quake IV one will have more emphasis on multiplayer, but the possibility of a new story mode...

If the new story can be made, then it's dialouge will be done in a Twilight Princess style; no voice speech (except for, you know, grunts and yells). This eliminates the need for restraining voice speech.

I'm hoping I can get Id, Bungie and Nintendo to give me the green light before releasing a beta. I don't plan to claim all of the mod and it's characters my own, will give full credit to all, and will NOT, I REPEAT, NOT try to make money off of it. I will tell everyone to not claim as his/her own, and will keep my word to give full credit. I will take note of everyone who helps out.

Thank you, Merry Near Christmas and have a happy week and new year! rendeer

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