Hiring for FAF

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Hiring for FAF

Post  LukeSythe on Thu Jul 29, 2010 9:59 pm

A tribute to one of the greatest Earthbound Tributes/Podcasts ever created...Fobbies Are Borange.

A comedic retelling of the events of Earthbound, me and Torment started from Jeff's adventure, but! I plan to take this to the next level...An AUDIO SERIES! If Torment has finished/quit/taking a break from his Quake RP, This is gonna go. If you got a microphone/Sansa Fuze and are willing to be a part of this tribute, note me and I'll set you up.

I plan to start this from the very beginning of Earthbound. This will also be scripted, but not a live podcast.

Finished episodes will be shown on Youtube by either me(yahtzeeman12) or Torment(Jacobstupify3).

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